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Creative Solutions for All Abilities

Creative Solutions for All Abilities (CSFAA) helps parents, caregivers and families by providing behavioral and educational support to children and adults with presenting behavioral needs with or without developmental or mental health diagnoses. 

We are a unique interdisciplinary team of child development and educational specialists made up of special educators, behavior management specialists, and psychologists who provide direct individualized therapeutic strategies to families and schools as well as regional and state agencies.

Our Mission, Our Goal

Our mission is to help individuals with behavioral struggles and promote empowerment within.

Our goal is to enable an individual to better express themselves in more appropriate ways to diffuse behavioral issues for themselves as well as parents and caregivers. By clarifying available choices, providing safe environments, teaching self-management techniques and independent living skills, we help people to have more control within their environments.

Behavioral Services

Creative Solutions for All Abilities provides Behavioral Interventions to enable individuals to exert more control over their environment and behavior to help them attain realistic goals. Services we offer include:

  • Advocacy

  • Behavioral Consultation

  • Behavior Modification Plans

  • Social & Behavioral Skills Enhancement

  • Parent & Caregiver Education

  • Data Collection

  • Reporting

  • Plans for Service

  • Material Preparation

Success Stories

“Nicole has supported my son, family and staff and has come up with unique ideas, tricks, suggestions when developing his individualized plan. My son has thrived, and has shown improved confidence because of Nicole’s influence and guidance.  My son continues to gain independence, the feeling of control, an increase in communication skills, and is now finally in a peaceful place in his life.  Nicole understood the complexities of autism and his intellectual disability which was key in devising his behavior plan... She is truly the best in her field!”

— Patty D.

“An extended family for my son! Nicole has supported my son since he was 3 1/2 years old and continues to be an advocate and extension of our family. She has helped with his social development challenges and worked with the school district and his schools for the past 6 years. She and her team were lifesavers during COVID supporting my son during home online school learning. We are very grateful for the team at Creative Solutions for All Abilities. I know with them on my son's team all things are possible for him. I truly love them like family!”

— Kira H.

“Nicole understands the complexities of autism and intellectual disabilities. She has been my adult son's behavioral therapist for more than 3 years. Nicole is knowledgeable, caring, and knows how to individualize care. She was critical in understanding our family dynamics and was able to be a strong advocate for my son as well as for myself. My son, who is now 32, has improved his communication skills, his ability to self-monitor his behavior and has increased self-confidence. I highly recommend Nicole and Creative Solutions for All Abilities.”

— Barb T.

Contact Us

For intakes and referrals, please contact:

Nicole Rivera, M.Ed., BCCS
Founder, Board Certified Cognitive Specialist
Educational and Behavioral Consultant

(203) 218.3967
62 Spring Hill Road, Trumbull CT 06611

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