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Rates & Sessions

Our sessions are customized to meet our clients' individual needs. Rates and services are subject to change.

“An extended family for my son! Nicole has supported my son since he was 3 1/2 years old and continues to be an advocate and extension of our family. She has helped with his social development challenges and worked with the school district and his schools for the past 6 years. She and her team were lifesavers during COVID supporting my son during home online school learning. We are very grateful for the team at Creative Solutions for All Abilities. I know with them on my son's team all things are possible for him. I truly love them like family!”

— Kira H.


Initial Intake

$250 flat fee — payable on intake day

Behavioral Consultation

Direct Service Sessions: $125/hr

Group Trainings

Our group trainings are tailored to the topic of interest.

Half day: $500
Smaller training (2 hours): $350
Full day: $850


Our services are provided in our clinic located at:

477 Main Street, 210A, Monroe CT


In-home services are determined based upon need, location and availability of our staff. 


Sessions are determined on an individualized basis. 


Determined on an individualized basis, but typically individual sessions last between one and two hours per session.

Session Arrangement

Sessions can consist of various components including specified time for individual work with child or contracted clients as well as incorporating a parent training or family component.


In school setting sessions and day support opportunities may be arranged for observation of child or contracted clients as well as incorporating time for discussion with classroom instructors. Ratio of time dedicated to each component is developed and individualized for each service recipient.

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