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Our approach to therapeutic interventions enables us to deliver services in a variety of settings specific to individual needs including familial or school related priorities. Creative Solutions for All Abilities provides office-based, in-home and school bound services for children and adults.


We also support our clients in unique settings and provide community-based experiences to broaden and generalize skills. This technique of delivering services allows us to observe and help to manage behavior in real-life situations and to provide caregivers consistent approaches for everyday life.

“Nicole came into our lives when we needed her the most. The pandemic and a very important family person’s passing really changed the once very happy, carefree, and full of life son of mine.  Nicole understood right from the start all the new emotions my son was dealing with, respected the grieving time that he needed, and focused on taking him through a journey of healing and coping while at the same time helping to discover the blessings of his life even after his beloved grandpa's passing.  


My son went from being constantly anxious and puzzled and worried to a guy who found happiness, positivity and confidence in his life. Through the emotion charts, role playing,  social stories, and behavioral interventions provided by Nicole, my son regained calmness and joy.


A year later, Nicole continues to be a significant person in my son's life...  ”

— Corinna M.


Our clients are often caregivers of children or adolescents with developmental disabilities or behavioral needs. We provide professional advocacy services which are designed to provide support for an individual or caregiver navigating the Special Education process. We also assist in reviewing and recommending services found in Individualized Education Plans. Clients contracted for this service may request CSFAA attendance of educational Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meetings.

Behavioral Consultation

Nicole is contracted through the Department of Developmental Services Fiscal Intermediary. Behavioral Consultation services at CSFAA are defined as recommendations to staff and supervision of CSFAA-developed programming, as well as existing behavioral programs in various professional and educational settings. We provide behavioral services to individuals who have contracted for this service privately, or established individuals in any of the school districts or day support programs contracted with CSFAA.

Behavior Modification Plans

We assess and identify socially significant behavioral issues and provide Positive Behavior Intervention Plans. Our behavior modification services can include a Functional Behavior Assessment, therapeutic programming for the individual as well as integrating the individual’s caregivers, siblings, families, and/or support teams.

Social & Behavioral Skills Enhancement

Our Social and Behavioral Skill Enhancement are for anyone with social deficits seeking to improve their social and behavioral skills. Our services focus on:


  • Cognitive behavioral strategies

  • Emotion regulation skills

  • Coping and friendship skills

  • Pragmatic language

  • Decision making

  • Empathy

  • Self-Awareness

  • Group participation

  • ABC’s of conversation
    — understanding sarcasm, figurative language and idioms

Parent & Caregiver Education

We offer behavioral consultation sessions for parents and caregivers where we provide strategies and tools to help with behavioral issues in the home. These sessions can be long-term, short-term or on an as needed basis.

Data Collection

Some services include data collection for outside evaluations and reporting. We offer measurable and graphed reports for our clients to assist in advocating for behavioral services.


We offer comprehensive reporting periodically throughout services to share our client's progress.

Plans for Service

Our Plans for Service document specific behavioral strategies for parents, caregivers and educators.

Material Preparation

CSFAA staff may prepare various materials for client use including, but not limited to:


  • Reinforcement or consequential charts/materials

  • Erasable routine lists

  • Various cue or reminder cards to reinforce skills

  • Visual placemats for feeding purposes

  • Visual schedules or picture representations

  • Problem-solving visuals

  • Social stories

  • File folder activities

  • 3D schedules or sequences

  • Various programmatic materials

Trainings and Presentations

As a unique service provider, CSFAA is often contacted by various professional or educational institutions to prepare and present training and /information sessions on a variety of behavioral health topics. Additional training series available upon request. 


CSFAA Training Series:

  • Behavioral management techniques

  • Developing programmatic structure

  • Designing and using visual tools

  • Social Facilitation

  • Visual Thinking

  • Prompting and Fading — PBS

  • Behavior 101 and early intervention

  • Autism 101

  • Incorporating sensory integration

  • When Behavior Impedes Learning

  • Program Options and Environmental Structure

  • Data Collection

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