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Behavioral interventions have specific measurable outcomes; such as the change in the frequency of a behavior. These measurable outcomes allow our staff to have an accurate assessment of a procedure's effectiveness, which enables us to make modifications quickly to an individual program for a better desired outcome.

Our behavioral sessions are centered around family preservation. Our priority is to center everything we do on individualized needs and to identify where that all fits into your family's lifestyle. We subscribe to this philosophy and as such our recommendations are simple and practical striving to complement your familial culture. This can include behavioral strategies, learning, enhancing sibling relationships, and daily living skills with a primary focus on increasing independence for socially significant behaviors.

Nicole Rivera

Nicole Rivera M.Ed., BCCS

Founder, Board Certified Cognitive Specialist
Educational and Behavioral Consultant

Nicole Rivera is the founder of Creative Solutions for All Abilities located in Trumbull, CT. The drive for her vision came from personal experiences with her son, Malachi and a passion for services to meet their unique family culture. Nicole holds her Masters degree in Education and has a minor in Mental Health disorders; she also has a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Massachusetts and is certified as a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist through the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.

Nicole has been in the field of special education in multiple roles for over 21 years and has grown to love and adopt her specialty area to autism related disorders, mental health disorders and dual diagnosis, in addition she also specializes in behavioral interventions. Recognized for outstanding academic achievement by National Chapter Who's Who Among Universities, Nicole has done extensive research on the No Child Left Behind Act in the Urban/Suburban Elementary Schools within the Fairfield County, Connecticut sector.

Nicole is passionate about her work in the field of behavioral modifications. Nicole has served as an adjunct professor teaching behavioral modifications and in the Human Service sectors at 2 local Universities.  Nicole is a contracted behaviorist with the State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services and is passionate about helping adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Neurodiversity advance and be integrated with success into the community at large. She also has a personal interest in bio medical interventions and nutritional supplements for children with developmental disorders.

In Nicole’s spare time, she loves to spend time with her husband, Hector and three boys; Peyton, Malachi and Jourdin and their 2 grandchildren. Nicole is also a dog lover and has 2 Goldendoodles and a Yorkie. She also loves camping, tennis, curling up with a good book, traveling and eating at good restaurants.

“Nicole is not just an asset to our 7 year old child she is also a vital resource for our family as we navigate the complexity of having a child with disabilities in public school. 

She's able to create a fun, nurturing environment for my son! We find her approach to be actionable and effective. She is truly one of a kind and we are grateful to have her support.”

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